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99U is a creative career resource by Adobe. The blog provides advice and insight into the creative industry. I worked on creating, sourcing and curating images for articles on their online platform.
Art Direction
Photo editing and curation

The First Five Years is a 5 part series written by Mitch Goldstein that gives advice to people who are early in their creative careers. I designed bold and abstract GIFs to attract young readers.

“ should include the kind of work that you want to do more of, and you should leave out the work you want to do less of. You will get back what you put out —”
- Mitch Goldstein

“Everybody—even the superstar—feels like an impostor at one time or another.”
- Mitch Goldstein

In an article by Emily Ludolph, she discusses how two UX designers are rethinking the voter ballot.

The ‘Best of’ series highlights the 10 best ideas in innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, tips for trusting your gut and ways to use design for good. I created visually unified interpretations of each topic using a spectrum of colors to represent the wide range of ideas.

I selected, edited, and optimized images for article headers and placed supporting images throughout articles with captions and photo credits.

I also played the role of Art Director and hired several illustrators to create article header images. 

✨ Special thanks to Mitch Goldstein for recommending me ✨


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